Fight Against Leukemia and Lymphoma

Updated: May 24

Dear Members of the Community

Every year the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) holds an annual seven week campaign that specially selected students from the Central Valley participate in. For seven weeks students advocate to raise awareness and funds for blood cancer research. In November of 2017 my grandfather, Richard Tobin, was diagnosed with stage 4 large B-cell lymphoma. Three days after finding out about his diagnosis, I was contacted by LLS and told of my nomination for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Student of the Year (SOY) campaign. I knew it was a sign of some sort and decided to take part in something that could help my grandpa’s situation/similar patients’. Simultaneously during my campaign my grandfather fought bravely against his disease. His clever humor never dried up and he never stopped telling me stories about his accomplished and adventurous life. In May of 2018, after my first LLS SOY campaign ended, my grandfather passed away. There is nothing more I wish to do than honor his memory. Therefore, I have been given the opportunity to campaign again this year for him. My goal is to raise as much awareness and funds as possible; hopefully I can save someone else’s grandfather one day.

I wish to share this journey with you and ask you to support the battle against blood cancers alongside me. Your support will further fund research for new cures and aid patients and their families as they go through the fight of their life. I hope to raise $30,000 during my campaign (Feb.12th 2019-April 5th 2019). With your help my goal will be a reality! Here are three main ways you can contribute to my campaign:

  • Make a tax deductible donation today via my online webpage (LLS Tax ID #13-5644916)

  • Donate goods or services for the LLS Student of the Year Grand Finale under my name

  • Share my message and goal with your own friends and family - social media works as well (i.e Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)!

If you wish to make a donation, you can do so to my fundraising page at . You can also write a check payable to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society at 340 W. Fallbrook Ave Suite 101 Fresno CA 93711. Remember to write MadaLynn Rocha in the ‘Memo’ section. If you want to donate goods or services for auction items, sponsorships, ads, or other possible fundraising opportunities, please contact me at . If the phone is better for communication contact me at : (559)-288-6779. To share my message and goal to your own friends and family please don’t hesitate to forward the fundraising website link and/or this letter.

I ask that you please support not only me but cancer patients everywhere by standing behind my efforts to raise money and awareness. On the behalf of my grandfather, LLS, and cancer patients everywhere : Thank you! Every bit of support contributes to the bigger goal of beating blood cancer now! Someday IS today to take action!!

With Love,

MadaLynn Rocha

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