Performing Mustangs at Fall Rock Show

Updated: May 21, 2020

This year, our annual Fall Rock Show was a great success and put on an amazing show. Parents and students came to watch as our musicians performed on a stage in our gym on campus on November 30, 2018. Noveli Longatti, a freshman who came to the show, said that “It was my first time and I thought they were genuinely amazing. All the soloists definitely deserved their spots. I especially enjoyed Cecily’s rendition of Crazy”. She also said that she loved the diversity of the songs they chose as well.

​The night began with Singer-Songwriter students performed multiple songs through singing and playing their instruments. Rock performance class took up the stage after and lastly the night was concluded with Show Band’s multiple songs that have been showcased throughout the year and new additions such as Fortunate Son and Chain of Fools. Members are all selectively chosen to be in Show Band for their excelled skills in music and singing.

Adam Colgin, a senior who is apart of Show Band says that “It was a fun night and everyone had a great time performing”. With all the performances, group dedication and hard work that has been put into the first semester, Adam says that “Everyone’s worked really hard and it’s difficult for most people to learn a variety of genres that span across different kinds of music. Each genre requires a different kind of mindset to make it sound right and everyone did well at that”.

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