Contribute to the Puerto Rico Relief SLE

Updated: May 21, 2020

Puerto Rico is still suffering from the damages of deadly Hurricane Maria which occurred last year. The hurricane ravaged everything in its wake, which included this entire island. A year later, the effects can still be seen but are not talked about. Seniors Mika Garaffa, Willow Sanchez, Rebecca Sasso, and Mary Uribe, supported by Señora UP, have turned a relief effort for the people of Puerto Rico into their SLE (Senior Legacy Experience). The students have created several ways in which students and community members can contribute to their relief project for the island nation.

This idea originated with Sanchez as she she says that there are still tragedies happening in Puerto Rico that the general public does not know about. With this in mind, the seniors chose to provide relief for Puerto Rico because they wanted to show the island community that they are not forgotten as Garaffa puts it as showing “Puerto Rico that there is still love for them.” Sanchez adds that she wants “to help people there mainly because there hasn’t been help since.” All members agree that this is an important issue that has lost some ground in public interest. A successful SLE for them include sending relief packages to Puerto Rico and raising more awareness and continuous relief for the country.

Through this SLE, they plan to engage students and community members through donations. Donations boxes can be found in the office and in Señora UP’s classroom at Minarets but also at Coarsegold Elementary and Rivergold Elementary Schools. Future plans include having a donation box at the Hillside Market. A more seasonable donation effort is currently being made with the holidays coming. The seniors are making a push for children’s toys donations which they will in turn put in packages and send to Puerto Rican children who are students at the school that Señora UP has connections with. If you would like to help create these packages, Señora UP’s Community Day event will center around this SLE. Donations of wrapping paper will be accepted.

Over the course of the school year, a multitude of donations will be accepted. You can donate toys, cans of food, boy and girl clothing, baby clothes, personal hygiene products, baby bottles, and food. The people of Puerto Rico have lost a lot and are looking to rebuild, so even the smallest, simplest donation will help make their transition back to regular life just a little bit easier. An emphasis on school supply donations will be made next semester and any donations received will also go to the school.

This SLE is a non profit. They are not seeking to gain any personal attention. All attention, proceeds, and donations will be given to the people of Puerto Rico. Monetary funds will be going towards shipping costs of the items so they will be greatly accepted. Uribe epitomizes this SLE when she states that “we wanted to do something to support people who needed help and we wanted to inspire those who want to help out with it.” If you have any further questions you can talk to the seniors who are in charge or Señora UP.


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