Middle School Dance SLE

Updated: May 21, 2020

With the new school year comes many more creative SLE ideas from our seniors here at Minarets High School. SLE’s are a way of giving back to the community and thanking them for their support through your four years of high school.

This year, seniors Sydney Meyer and Audrey Phillips have decided to throw a Middle School Dance for all kids, grades six through eight, in the mountain area. Sydney said “I know a lot of younger kids and I wanted to do something that would offer them a fun night” The dance was held in the Minarets gym on November 9th. It started at six and end at nine and was five dollars at the door.

In the end, they raised over $1,300 for the Minarets Art Department and will go to supplies to paint a mural at the school. Details and specifics on the mural are still being discussed, but Sydney assured us that it will represent Minarets High School is some way.

Way to go Sydney and Audrey!


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