Leaving Your Senior Legacy

Updated: May 21, 2020

Seniors at Minarets are required to participate in creating their own Senior Legacy Experience (SLE). The goal of the project is to reflect what the student has achieved during their four-year high school career. Seniors choose a topic related to something they are passionate. The project is required to be a year-long and, when completed, will leave a lasting impact on the community, the world, and the people living in it. ​

In recent years, the board of employees in charge of this project have established a rigorous proposal process. Students nearing the end of their junior year must include information on their Personal Brand Equity (PBE) presentation on ideas and plans to pursue for their upcoming Senior year. At the start of senior year, students must prepare a presentation to give to the board of employees responsible for approving SLE projects. Once approved, students spend the year on their project, collaborating with their advisers, planning fundraisers, publicizing their event or project to their communities, and preparing a presentation describing and outlining their plan for their project to share with a panel of Minarets teachers and staff.​

This project is not strictly a senior project; advisors can approve project ideas proposed by lower classmen, as shown by senior Aaron Hall who started his Military Appreciation Baseball Game SLE as a freshman.​

The Minarets community is excited for the upcoming SLE projects from this senior class. This year's SLEs range from campus beautification, voter registration drive, Dig Pink, and much more!


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