Results from Best of the Best 2017/2018

Updated: May 20

On Thursday, May 24th, Minarets students, teachers, parents, and community members gathered to the Minarets Gym for the third annual Best of the Best Ceremony. The evening was hosted by seniors Sarah Brown and Ben Bellisairo with sound and lighting provided by the Mr. Moglia's Sound and Lighting class and entertainment proved by the Minarets Dance Club and the Minarets Media Club.

With many of the previous winners handing out individual awards, the night was filled with excitement and celebration as the best of the best were honored at the event. In case you missed the ceremony, here is a list of all the winners from the show:​

  1. Mustang Creativity Award- Abigail Boatman

  2. Best Underclass Language Arts- Katelyn Hough

  3. Best Upperclass Language Arts- Greta Ziegler

  4. Collaborator of the Year- Josiah Freeland

  5. Emerging Scientist- Mackenzie Camacho

  6. Seasoned Scientist- Greta Ziegler

  7. The Rising Star Award- Emma Lynch

  8. The Broadway Bound Award- Joseph Deal

  9. The Remi Lee Award for Community- Novena Valentine & Hannah Flanagan​

  10. The Denominator- Luna Moreno

  11. The Numerator- Luke Fuller

  12. John Green Award (Best Underclassmen Historian)- Dominic Marino

  13. Jane Addams Award (Best Upperclassmen Historian)- Greta Ziegler

  14. Male Athlete of the Year- Jacob Cullen

  15. Female Athlete of the Year- Julie Castleman

  16. IT Innovator of the Year- Christian Stover

  17. Apprentice of the Year (Ag Mechanics)- Trevor Trimble

  18. Journeyman of the Year (Ag Mechanics)- Shane Hogg

  19. Best Vocalist- Emma Starnes-Harvey

  20. New Musician of the Year- Angelique Ortega-Sampson

  21. Musician of the Year- Veruschka Pearce

  22. Upton Sinclair Award (Best Journalist of the Year)- Sydney Meyer

  23. Mike Niehoff Award (Best Upperclass Presenter)- Ben Bellisario

  24. Jon Corippo Award (Best Underclass Presenter)- Johanna Ziegler

  25. Best New Media Student-

  1. Best Intermediate Filmmaker- Mandi Villanueva

  2. Jared Crossley Award- Cole Shattuck

  3. Nuevo, Pero Bien

Bueno- Kira Huff

  1. El Mero Mero- Luke Fuller

  2. Líder del Año- Crystal Hernandez

  3. The Kandinsky- Abigail Boatman

  4. Emerging Artist of the Year- Tessa Cohlan

  5. Leonardo da Vinci Award- Samantha Clay

  6. Underclass FFA Exemplar of the Year- Jake Dowell

  7. Upperclass FFA Exemplar of the Year- Michael Rezendes

  8. Project of the Year- Mackenzie Camacho: Agriscience Fair Project

  9. Freshman of the Year- Johanna Ziegler

  10. Sophomore of the Year- Isaiah Gibson

  11. Junior of the Year- Aaron Hall

  12. Senior of the Year-

  1. Mustang Pride Award- Kyra Reed & Max Shapiro

Congratulations to all of our nominees and Best of the Best winners for 2018! You make Minarets the great place that it is! Maybe we will see you back next year!


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