Finishing the Year with PBEs

Updated: May 20, 2020

An annual rite of passage for students at Minarets High School is the PBE presentation. PBE stands for Personal Brand Equity, which is a school-wide final for the end of the school year. For all students, it is presentation with a set template that encourages them to reflect on their school year, describe their favorite projects, and set goals for next year. For each grade level, the PBE has a different spin so that it increases in difficulty each year.​

For freshmen, their PBE is their signature project in their Minarets Cs class. Students create a fourteen slide Keynote and present their reflections, successes, and goals for next school year to their classmates.

​Sophomores create the same fourteen slide Keynote, but instead of presenting in a class they present their PBE to a panel. This panel is made up of two people, one teacher and one administrator. Each sophomore is given a specific date and time to present, typically scheduled for the last week of May.

​​Juniors, on the other hand, create an iBook presentation within their English 11 classes. Unlike the freshman and sophomore PBEs, the Junior PBE includes brainstorming and planning for their the SLE (Senior Legacy Experiences) projects that they will organize next year.

In the past, seniors reflected on their year by completing their final SLE presentation in their English 12 classes. But this year, the SAP (Senior Advancement Project) was added to have seniors reflect on their high school experience. Like the sophomores, seniors present their SAP to a panel made up of Mr. Kelly and an administrator where they showcase their reflections, successes, and goals for after high school as well as a resume.

After the presentations, students receive a grade for their PBE, which is then factored into each of their classes. While the end of the school year can be hectic, this last project is an excellent way for students to reflect on their year before heading into the summer.

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