CSF and NHS Minarets Graduates of 2018

Updated: May 20

The Minarets High School graduation is quickly approaching as the seniors finish out their last few weeks of high school! Graduating high school is a vital event in life, and the students worked diligently to wear their cap and gown and receive their diplomas. A few students, however, will be rewarded additional certificates and acknowledgment at the ceremony for going above and beyond in their high school career. These seniors involved themselves in academic based and community service clubs that would not only help them succeed in the near future of college, but also gain them recognition for their leadership and community skills. These specific clubs are the California Scholarship Federation and the National Honors Society, which are for students who exceed standards GPA wise, as well as for those who want to get involved and build their college resume.

Six Minarets seniors will be graduating as CSF and NHS members, including Sarah Brown, Justin Hough, and Ellery Meade, who were involved in both clubs, and Beth Morgan, Max Shapiro, and Bailey Williamson, who were members of NHS. At the Graduation ceremony, these six students will be given extra recognition for their participation and dedication to these organizations:

  • Students in NHS will get to wear blue medallions as an addition to their cap and gown, which recognizes lifetime membership and exemplary character, scholarship, leadership, and service. They will also be called up individually at the ceremony to receive certificates.

  • Students in CSF will be wearing gold chords and a CSF pin on their gown to recognize lifetime membership and will also be called up during the ceremony to receive certificates.

  • Senior Ellery Meade will be given additional acknowledgment for being involved in CSF for six semesters. She will be wearing the same gold cord and CSF pin, but will also be wearing a golden tassel on her cap to recognize 100% membership, as well as being given a certificate at graduation.

These six Minarets High School seniors put in extra time and work to acquire greater achievements during their high school career, and have set themselves up for success after graduating.

​Sarah Brown plans on attending UC Santa Barbara to study Neonatal Nursing in the fall. Sarah had a great experience in these clubs this year and encourages younger high schoolers to take part in CSF and NHS. For instance, “Joining these clubs is a very smart thing to do because it not only looks good on college applications, but it pushes you to do better in your classes and it has a lighthearted and welcoming atmosphere.”

Senior Justin Hough will be going to Saint Mary’s University to study business next year, and he explained that he enjoyed being involved because he had fun with the responsibility of treasurer, and recommends others to join because you it helps to gain leadership skills and prepare you for the real world. ​

Ellery Meade will be attending UC Santa Barbara, and wants to work with children. Ellery stated that she had a good time in CSF and NHS this year because it’s not overwhelming and it’s easy to become involved with. Ellery advises students to join these clubs because they helped her with many things, such as college applications, graduation recognition, and communication skills.

Beth Morgan, who was a member of NHS, will be going to Shasta College in the fall to study either AG Business or Psychology. Beth had a great time in NHS, as she said that it was fun and manageable. “I believe that becoming involved in these clubs is a good choice because it helps to build resumes.” ​

Bailey Williamson is starting classes at Clovis Community College in the fall, and she plans on studying Biology. Bailey enjoyed NHS and explained that it wasn’t difficult. She recommends joining NHS if you are trying to create a strong resume.​

Max Shapiro plans on attending Fresno State after high school to study film. He says that he enjoyed NHS and it helped in get into college.

These students, along with the other Minarets graduates, have worked very hard throughout their high school experience, and have made their teachers and families very proud. Congratulations to all the Minarets Seniors, it is certain that each and every student will have a bright future!

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