Minarets Show Band

Updated: May 20, 2020

By Mary Uribe and Maisy Fronteras

The Minarets Show Band is a class here at Minarets High. It is a class where students get to for a band with people from Singer/Songwriter, Choir and RMP classes. There have been many notable members of the Minarets Show Band who have moved on to bigger and better things, including graduates Alex Bourde and Joseph Salazar. With a new year, the band now includes new faces.

Senior Emma Starnes-Harvey is one of these new members, who has taken choir since her freshmen year. With her love for music and the arts, Show Band has been an excellent way for her to further explore her passion for singing. As the lower range back-up singer singer, Emma enjoys that she can be herself, sing with friends, and be able to travel.

While sophomore Cassidy Smart has been a part of Show Band for the last year, she has a new role as the lead vocalist. Her love of music started at a young age and continued when she started playing the violin. She loves that Show Band allows her sing and play her violin while also traveling to new places.

Even with all the new faces, Mr. Brett Moglia continues to be the director of Show Band. He has been apart of the Minarets family since 2014 when he became the music teacher and start the group. He is in charge of scheduling all of the gigs, including the annual performance in Pacific Grove Music Festival and the Madera Old Timers Parade. With the large amount of people attending these events, it exposes the band to new audiences and experiences that helps build their overall confidence when performing.

The people in this class all enjoy how much they can express how much they love music through this class period. They get to be themselves and perform like they’ve never performed before. Yes mistakes will be made but Moglia will tell you “Keep going and even if you mess up, push through it.”


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