New Physics Teacher

Updated: May 20

By Madalynn Rocha

Mr. Elm is no nightmare; just the fantastic new physics teacher! He is very excited to be teaching here at Minarets, and it’s all thanks to a suggestion from a friend. “A long time friend of mine told me how Minarets was looking for a new physics teacher so I called the office and spoke with Dr. Ching. Dr. Ching told me how they were looking for a physics teacher and sure enough here I am!” explained Mr. Elm.

Elm’s suggestion to any students thinking of taking his class is to not be afraid of the math. He believes that “no student is bad at math; simply bad at math classes or had horrible math teachers.” Elm used to tutor students in high school and college on math because he was so good at it, which is part of the reason he decided to become a physics teacher. With twelve years of teaching under his belt, all at college level, Elm discovered having a friendly almost silly approach to teaching can often be the difference between students loving or hating his class. A more friendly and peer learning environment can cause students to blossom more in the class. Looks like Mr. Elm fits right on in here at Minarets!

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