Football Update

Updated: May 20, 2020

By Christian Varner and Chris Hershberger

Football is in full swing and Minarets is a top contender in the West Sequoia League. With a start to the year with a hard loss to the Orosi Cardinals, Minarets proved themselves with a towering win (45-7) over the Sierra Chieftains.

The game did not look promising to the mustangs with a 75 yard touchdown from the chieftains own Shane Maldanaldo. With a nervous start to the game, the mustangs stayed confident and executed. With two comeback touchdowns and a field goal, the Mustangs took a 10 point lead over the Chieftains by halftime (17-7). The Mustangs known for being a second half team came out on the field with a boom! Scoring 28 points in the second half, setting a Minarets Mustangs record for the most offensive yards, 522 yards in one game. With a Pag Meter prediction for the Minarets Mustangs to be in the division 6 championship, it should be a good year for the Mustangs. Stay tuned to stay in touch with their success!

Varsity team runs in for their game against Orosi.


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